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Our Story

People often ask us why we created ecowrap. I always say that ecowrap created itself. We are a family with two young kids who live in Thailand and we love going to the mountains and the sea whenever we can.

During visits to national parks we noticed lots of plastic waste lying around in the forest, mostly plastic food wrappers and bottles. While spending time on the beach, we also saw plastic waste lying in the sand and floating around in the sea while we swam.


One morning, after a heavy storm, we were shocked to find that the whole beach was covered in trash, mostly plastic. It was heartbreaking. So, with other volunteers, we spent hours cleaning it up. Even with all our efforts we barely made a dent.

As a family, we have always tried to live an eco-friendly lifestyle including reducing the amount of plastic we use daily and recycling our trash where possible.


We tried using beeswax wraps in our kitchen and think they are a good alternative to cling wrap. However, the different wraps we bought just didn’t work well. Either they would not stick to bowls or would crack and be useless after a few times so we went through quite a number of wraps every month.

One of our friends lives near a bee farm in Chiang Mai and had just helped his daughter with a school project about environmentally alternatives to fuel and oil-based products. For the project, as an eco-friendly family themselves too, they made their own beeswax wraps and gave us a few that were left over.


Those wraps were very different from the ones we had been using. They stuck to all our bowls, were easy to wash and lasted for a long time. We are still using the first ones given us more than a year ago.


When we asked him how he made them, he was more than willing to show us. He explained that the secret to making perfect wax wraps is in the details. Use the highest quality pure beeswax, 100% cotton, golden tree resin and cold pressed natural oils. Each wrap needs to be made with great care and attention to get the perfect result.

After spending many free Sundays in our kitchen making beeswax wraps, we finally mastered the process and were able to make our first wraps. We started using them in our kitchen, for our children’s school lunches and giving them away as gifts to our friends and family who loved them too.


We are very confident in the quality of our ecowrap and we dream of seeing our ecowrap replacing plastic cling wrap in every kitchen, which will surely help reduce the amount of plastic used in our daily lives! And this is how ecowrap was born.


Three years ago, we took our kids to go whale watching in the gulf of Thailand and were all very impressed by their graceful movements and the sea that was full of life. So, we decided that our logo and pattern should be of a mother whale with her beautiful calf. This will remind people how fragile our planet is and that it is within our power to contribute to a cleaner world for future generations.

Since then we have grown out of our kitchen and moved to the countryside in northern Thailand. We have teamed up with local bee farmers to ensure a consistent high quality of beeswax.


We employ local villagers who have fewer opportunities to find employment while caring for their children and are often the breadwinners in their families.

It has been a wonderful journey so far. We have gotten such positive reactions from our customers around the world who love using ecowrap.


As parents, we have always tried to teach our kids that nature should be preserved and enjoyed. When people ask me how they too can reduce their use of plastic, I tell them to start by bringing their own bags to the stores and supermarket, separate plastic waste for recycling and most importantly just to start at home in your own kitchen by using ecowrap!


We believe that if everyone does their bit to reduce their use of plastic, together we can make a difference.

Ian, Sara and the kids ...